Bihar: Most of the Technical Institutes in Bihar are either very old or relatively new. Keeping this in view, the Academy at NIT, Patna endeavors to give in depth knowledge in terms of theory and experiments to the faculty of these colleges. The Academy will act as a Resource Center for training of not only Technical Institute but also Government organizations. After getting trained the trainees will cultivate knowledge in terms of entrepreneurship and research. NIT, Patna will also use the infrastructure provided under NMEICT scheme at various Institutes/colleges of Bihar.

West Bengal, Odisha, Jharkhand: NIT, Patna believes that reaching out to the end user will be more beneficial rather than moving the faculty to NIT, Patna from different States. As we know each technical Institute is facing problem of shortage of faculty hence deputing the faculty for training would be difficult. To overcome this, E&ICT Academy, NIT, Patna has decided to have co-partners in these states to host the training programme by providing resource persons and other logistics. This will help the trainee to get proper theory and practical/hands-on experience during the academic session itself.

In this course, NIT, Patna has initiated the process of the signing the MoU with Techno Global Limited which has ten different Institute and Universities at West Bengal. Techno Global will share their resources along with faculty for training. They also have five Institutes in Jharkhand. In Odisha, NIT, Patna will work with NIT, Rourkela to organize the training programmes

Neighboring States: NIT, Patna has also planned to train faculty from other neighboring states using Virtual Classroom and Virtual Labs.