Responsibilities of DeitY
  • To set up and organize meetings of the Empowered Committee for taking policy level decisions, select the institutions, operational structure, etc.

  • To ensure time-bound implementation of the Scheme / Project, set up and organize meetings (from time to time) of Project Review and Steering Group (PRSG).

  • To provide necessary funds for the implementation to the respective Institutions based on recommendation of the Empowered Committee (for first installment of grants-in-aid) and Project Review and Steering Group (for second installment onwards), and/or assessment by DeitY and as approved by DeitY.

  • To assist in expediting issues related to the progress of this Scheme /' Project, coordination with the relevant Govt, departments/ organisations/ institutions and other agencies concerned.

  • To take up any other issues and aspects related to the Scheme / Project.