Implementation Strategy

Goal of Academy: The main goal of the academy is to train the faculty members of different technological and other Institutes in different areas of Electronics and Information & Communications Technology of Bihar, Odisha, West Bengal, and Jharkhand. The resource persons will be from IITs/NITs/IISc, Bangalore/research organizations and Industry. The courses would be conducted in the premises of NIT, Patna as well as at identified venues in these states for which all the resource persons and facilities will be provided by the Academy at NIT, Patna.

States being Catered to: Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, West Bengal

Proposed Courses to be Offered

NIT, Patna proposes to give training on following subjects/domains:

(i) Algorithm Analysis & Design, (ii) Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, (iii) Cryptography and Cyber Security, (iv) Data Mining and Machine Intelligence, (v) Data Structures and Algorithms, (vi) Data Warehousing, Digital Logic Design, (vii)Distributed Computing, (viii) Machine Learning and Soft Computing, (ix) Microprocessors and Interfacing, (x) Natural Language Processing (xi) Operating Systems, (xii) Real Time Systems, (xiii) Security and Privacy, (xiv) Software Modelling using UML (xv) Software Testing (xvi) Wireless and Mobile Computing (xvii) Data Structures and Algorithms using C, (xviii) Object Oriented Programming using Java, (xix) Parallel Programming: Theory and Practice (xx) Microwave Circuits (xxi) Planer Antennas (xxii) Digital Communications.

More courses will be added as per requirement.

Following two courses will be offered by E&ICT Academy, NIT, Patna from 22nd September, 2015:

1. Data Structure and Algorithm; and
2. VLSI design and Embedded System for the state Bihar.

These programmes are for 10 days (total 80 hours = 50 hours Theory + 30 hours Hands-on Experience).

Objective of these two courses are as follows:

Course -1. Data Structure and Algorithm:

On completion of this course, trainee are expected to be capable of understanding the data structures, their advantages and drawbacks, how to implement them in C or in their known language, how their drawbacks can be overcome and what the applications are and where they can be used. Trainee should be able to learn about the data structures/ methods/algorithms mentioned in the course with a comparative perspective so as to make use of the most appropriate data structure/ method/algorithm in a program to enhance the efficiency (i.e. reduce the run-time) or for better memory utilization, based on the priority of the implementation. The trainee will also be able to understand at least the efficiency aspects of the graph and sorting algorithms covered in this course. The trainee should be able to convert an inefficient program into an efficient one using the knowledge gathered from this course.

Course – 2. VLSI design and Embedded System

Upon successful completion of this course, trainees should be able to analyse the operation of CMOS inverter, understand the design rules and layout diagram, implement the design of CMOS Memories, manage design issues at the layout, transistor, logic and register transfer levels, analyse the physical design process of VLSI design flow.

Benefits for the different states covered under E&ICT Academy, NIT, Patna:

Bihar: Most of the Technical Institutes in Bihar are either very old or relatively new. Keeping this in view, the Academy at NIT, Patna endeavors to give in depth knowledge in terms of theory and experiments to the faculty of these colleges. The Academy will act as a Resource Center for training of not only Technical Institute but also Government organizations. After getting trained the trainees will cultivate knowledge in terms of entrepreneurship and research. NIT, Patna will also use the infrastructure provided under NMEICT scheme at various Institutes/colleges of Bihar.

West Bengal, Odisha, Jharkhand: NIT, Patna believes that reaching out to the end user will be more beneficial rather than moving the faculty to NIT, Patna from different States. As we know each technical Institute is facing problem of shortage of faculty hence deputing the faculty for training would be difficult. To overcome this, E&ICT Academy, NIT, Patna has decided to have co-partners in these states to host the training programme by providing resource persons and other logistics. This will help the trainee to get proper theory and practical/hands-on experience during the academic session itself.

In this course, NIT, Patna has initiated the process of the signing the MoU with Techno Global Limited which has ten different Institute and Universities at West Bengal. Techno Global will share their resources along with faculty for training. They also have five Institutes in Jharkhand. In Odisha, NIT, Patna will work with NIT, Rourkela to organize the training programmes.