Mission & Vision





    1.   Introduction: The BCE-NITP Alumni Association earlier known as B.C.E. Old Boy's Association has been established to promote fellow feeling among the Alumni of the Bihar College of Engineering. Patna (a constituent unit of the Patna University, Patna, presently National Institute of Technology Patna).  Beside this the Alumni Association also envisages to undertake activities in furtherance of the cause affecting engineering fraternity and cooperation with other institution engaged in similar activities. The BCE-NITP Alumni Association also acquires the responsibility of highlighting the achievements of its members in engineering and social life.

    2.    Patron: The incumbent Director National Institute of Technology Patna will be the Patron of the Association.

    3.    Membership:

3.1 All the persons who have acquired any degree/diploma including the Master degree from this College can be members of the Association.

3.2 Anybody who had been on the faculty of the College can be member of the Association.

3.3 Life Member: Any member can become a life member by paying the required fees.

    4.      General Body: All the members will form the General Body of the Association.

    5.      Executive Committee: To look after the functioning of the Association an Executive Committee of the following office bearers and members will be formed:

President-1 post

Vice-Presidents -4 posts

Treasurer- 1 post

Secretary-1 post

Joint Secretary -4 posts

Members: Elected Members: 7

Ex-officio Members: 3

(Present Patron, President and Secretary of outgoing Executive Committee).

Co-opted Members-4

    6.      Election: The election shall be held every two years.

6.1 President and Secretary shall be elected by the outgoing Executive Committee by majority vote.

6.2 Four Vice-Presidents, treasurer, four Joint Secretaries and 7 Executive Committee members shall be elected by the General Body by majority vote.

6.3 Four Members will be co-opted as Executive Committee members by the newly elected Executive Committee by majority vote.

    7.      Quorum: the Quorum for the Executive Committee meeting shall be minimum 5 members and for the General Body meeting minimum 40 members.

    8.      Meeting: All the meeting will be presided over by the President/Vice-President/Treasurer or the senior most member present.

8.1 The General body meeting shall be held at least once every year on the second Sunday of February called Alumni Meeting. The new Executive Committee shall be elected at every alternate Annual meeting, and the new Executive Committee's term will start with immediate effect.

8.2 The Executive Committee meeting will precede every Annual Meeting. Executive Committee Meeting can also be convened by the President or can be requisitioned by at least 8 members of the Executive Committee as and when required.

8.3 President or the executive committee may call an extra ordinary meeting of the General body, by giving a notice of at least 14 days through the daily newspaper of Bihar.

8.4 At least 40 members may also requisition an extra ordinary meeting after giving a fortnight's notice to the President or Secretary, who shall have it published in the newspaper.

   9.   Finances: The finances of the Association will raised through the following sources.


9.1 Membership: the annual membership fees will be Rs. 200/- or as decided by the Executive Committee/General Body from time to time.


9.2 the life membership fee will be Rs. 1000/- or as decided by the Executive Committee/General Body from time to time.


9.3 Donation: Donation of Rs. 1000/- or more will be accepted from the members, sympathisers or organisations both Government and private.


9.4 Souvenir: Efforts will be made to raise fund through publication of advertisements and messages in Souvenir, that may be brought out by the Alumni Association at the time of Annual meeting.


    10.  Office: The office of the Association will be located in NIT Patna Campus.

    11.  Amendments: Any amendments to the constitution can be made by the Annual Meeting by 2/3 majority vote of the members present.